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Social Media Marketing in 2022

Stand out from the Crowd.

Maybe you think you can just post to your business Facebook account every once in a while and that will be enough. With the growing popularity of multiple social media platforms, it’ll take a little more than that. Everything has to be strategic, consistent, eye-catching, and worthwhile. Users have a near unlimited supply of content so what is going to make them take time to view yours?

In this article, we’ll focus on the different social media platforms and each of their purposes, why social media marketing is so important in 2022, how to get the most out of your social media, and what content you’ll need to have the best accounts possible. 

Build an account, don’t just post.

While social media can be effective to reach your audience, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of content. You can’t stand out with just one single post, your entire account should be recognizable. Your first step will be deciding what you want your brand to look like. It might be a little more work upfront, but choosing a design aesthetic for your entire feed will help you start your journey to stand out. Click Here for Examples to get some ideas and an understanding of having a cohesive feed. Everything is different, but it feels like each post is working together. If you look at any of your competitors, chances are it will look like a disarray of random posts.

We don’t want to be so repetitive that your followers begin to ignore your posts, but we also want them to recognize you. If your followers could only see the photo you posted, no username or comments associated with the post, would they be able to tell it is from your business? If the answer is no, stop posting now and choose what the page will look like. Built a template for the next 10 posts and test it!

Maybe you don’t know anything about design and don’t have a design team. We of course would like to do that for you, but we’ll tell you of a few places to look too! Pinterest is an incredible place to find some inspiration, don’t rip off other people’s designs but use ideas from them to create something new. If you can’t do that, you can go to places like Creative Market, Motion Array, and others to find templates like this one. Click here for a template.

If you feel like your content for each individual post is lacking, let us come help you capture new images and videos that you can use all year.

What platform should you use?

Our first answer to this question is ALL OF THEM! Each consumer is different and you don’t know exactly where your customers will be. It’s important to reach as many people as possible and that means you need to post everywhere. While we do believe you should post on all social media platforms, we also know that each has a unique purpose. Each platform can be used for advertisements and we know they work, but we will focus on the organic content for now.

Instagram: For us, Instagram is our main stage. We know that Instagram interaction relies on having followers. Your Instagram account is mostly followed by loyal customers who want to know what is going on. Keep people engaged by posting stories every day or two. Then give them the bigger updates, informative posts, or a beautiful photo 3-4 times a week.

TikTok: TikTok is the newest and perhaps most interesting platform. While TikTok users can follow profiles, the For You Page is what’s bringing so many users to the platform. According to Cloudflare, TikTok was the most visited webpage in 2021. With that information, there is no reason not to build brand awareness on TikTok . TikTok depends heavily on virality, so you may not see consistent interaction in the beginning, but you will surely see new, younger customers by focusing on TikTok . All the content you post to TikTok should also go on Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts, a lot of the work can be used in several places.

YouTube: TikTok and YouTube pages can work together. We briefly mentioned YouTube shorts and we feel they are very valuable, but we’re talking about complete YouTube videos here. Your course is certainly holding tournaments, leagues, and other events. Capture those events and post the videos to YouTube then take the highlights to use for your TikTok videos. Again, everything you create can be used somewhere else so let everything you capture create the most for you that it can.

Why is it important?

82% percent of the U.S. population currently use social media. So what better way to reach such a large audience? We are amazed at how few golf courses consistently post on their social media accounts and so many courses don’t even have social media accounts. Everyone likes to know what is going on and sometimes they need to be reminded of their favorite places. If you are not using social media to help bring people to your business, you are missing out.

The content you need.

We covered some of this, but we want to help you know what is going to work. We have been running other social media accounts since the beginning of social media so we know what people like and how things are changing. This is all about social media marketing in 2022 so what kind of content do we see receiving the highest rate of interaction? Videos and Instagram stories are starting to become more consistent.

Your cell phone is powerful, most smartphones can capture beautiful photos and videos, but you need to know how to capture something beautiful that customers will want to see. Maybe your budget isn’t great, so start going around and capturing new photos and videos from your course. Use those to start promoting your business and reaching top-of-mind for customers. But at some point you will see how important it is to have different types of content and we can help with that. We have the equipment to create stunning flyovers, cinematic videos of the course and players, and so much more. Let’s keep improving our content together!

Make content FOR your customers, not just TO them. 

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