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Who is Citywide?


Citywide Consultants was formed as we saw a need to innovate within the golf industry. Too many golf courses are fighting to just break even each year. We know courses and destinations have a much higher potential so we started finding all the areas to help improve business. With over 40 years of experience in the golf industry, we know the funnels to get customers in the door and sales through the roof.

Our blog will help provide completely free information on some of our strategies and ideas to help you and your business. But we of course have to keep some secrets unless you decide to work with us. We love being the jack of all trades — we can help you in all areas of marketing — but our team is also ready to specialize in one area if that is what you need.

Improve your website with a complete makeover and improved copy for the best SEO. Capture new photography and video of your club to have endless content. Reach new audiences and stay connected through social media management. Run continual analytics to understand your customer base and all of their needs and wants. Design experiences to drive loyalty and dominate your market. Discover what it takes to be the best in the business.

Beyond our marketing efforts, we also have a proprietary software booking engine so you can partner with hotels to give traveling customers a simple booking solution. Through our software, we can access your tee sheet and hotel availabilities to provide a one-stop shop for all customers to book their entire vacation in one place.

Take a look around our site to see if anything we have can help you. Need some more help? Don’t wait around, call us today for a free consultation to get your golf course on top!

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