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Why Should I Care About Hashtags?

the Power of hashtags.

Hashtags often make or break a post’s ability to reach its intended audience. Put simply, a hashtag is a way of linking similar posts together on a given social media site. Hashtags make a post discoverable to users who are interested in the content a brand has to offer. Once you get the hang of optimizing the use of hashtags on your page, it will be much easier to boost your company using the social media algorithm. 

We have already been able to optimize our use of hashtags on the social media sites we manage. Posts have done better and have reached a larger audience as we’ve used hashtags to help them get to the right users. Each site is different in the ways that hashtags are best used. For example, Instagram posts normally do the best when they have 3-6 hashtags, whereas posts on Twitter do the best with 1-2 hashtags. Through trial and error, we can find the best ways to boost the posts we create.

With more than 95 million posts everyday, Instagram is especially difficult to navigate. Hashtags provide the company with the ability to get their posts to the right people, and provide the user with the content they want. It would be very difficult to find the posts you are looking for with no way to differentiate them from others.

So what would this mean for your company? Social media is such an important part of marketing with today’s generation. You need to use it to its best potential if you hope to appeal to a younger audience. With a large array of social media marketing tactics, including hashtags, your business can excel in this newer environment.

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