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Why Do I Need To Use TikTok?

Rise and Fall.

Social media platforms rise and fall in popularity. Myspace was once the top social media platform and the apparent platform of the future. Then came Facebook to dethrone them. After years of Facebook and Instagram now we have TikTok. TikTok is the most popular platform among millennials, 67% of millennials reported using the platform and they claimed to spend more time on TikTok than any other platform.

The leading platform.

TikTok is used to post short videos of virtually anything. Anything from sports, to dancing, to recent trends; when a post goes viral it can  generate millions of views. TikTok has an algorithm that makes content recommendations personalized for each user. It decides which videos a user might like based on their individual interests and displays them on the user’s For You page. This means that the content each person sees will not be what their friend sees, it is personalized for them. Because of the personalized feed, TikTok becomes a fantastic platform to market to your target demographic. You are able to market and create content for people who are the most likely to be interested in your product. TikTok provides an excellent platform for engaging with millennials and market your product to your target demographic. 

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