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How Has the Golfing Market Changed Over the Past Few Years??

Popular Sport.

In 2020, while many activities and sporting events were shut down due to COVID-19 social distancing guidelines, golf’s popularity increased drastically. It proved to be a sport that stayed afloat due to its compatibility with social distancing. Because of this, in general, golf became more popular to watch on television, and golf courses saw a drastic increase in revenue (Thomas, Ian. “Golf’s growth in popularity is much bigger than a pandemic story.” CNBC, Sep. 2021). What’s really interesting, however, is not just that golf popularity is increasing, but to whom it is popular to. Studies show that younger and more female golfers are rushing to the courses more than ever before. “Around a third of all golfers in the U.S. are now millennials… In 2019, women were about a quarter of all golfers” (Linchpin SEO, Oct. 2022). This is surprising to some, since golf has been known to appeal to an older, male market.

Reaching millenials.

So what does this mean for marketing? Younger, millennial golfers use social media the most to look for reviews, fun activities, and advice. Reports show now that the younger generations are using TikTok as a search engine, potentially more than Google. With that being said, the digital marketing realm for golf is open and should be utilized to its fullest at this time! Younger people are drawn to golf, and many popular golfers on social media are millennials. In other words, #GolfTok is on the rise, and we suggest you take advantage.

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